Mick Lazinski

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Mick Lazinski

Raised in Wisconsin, Mick fell in love with custard; it's like ice cream except with more fat. Smoking cigarettes in the alley and throwing snowballs at passing cars is how Mick cut his comedy molars.

Voted Class Clown and capable of making not only his cronies but adults laugh too, Mick knew he was on to something. Watching the seventy's innovative stand-up comedy shows: "Make me Laugh" and "Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop" nudged him to move to LA.

Comedy Tonight, Evening at the Improv and Comedy on the Road paved the way to the Late Show and Showtime All-Stars VII along with multiple Comic Strip Lives and Full Frontal Comedy.

Jerry Hamza, George Carlin's manager of thirty years, saw Mick in NYC and immediately hired him to open for George around the World, including Canada.

In 2005 Mick opened for Joan Rivers and continued with her for six years.

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